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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't Lose Your Mind In The Level Grind! [Cata Post]

So, you've started trudging towards 85. (Yes, some of you 1337 people are already there!! Congratulations! However, this post won't be of much use to you ^.^)

You've quested a bit and DING! 81! Niiiiiice! So you queue up for a Cata dungeon! Yes, queue popped. Accept! *adrenaline rush* Buffs. Salutations. Pull. Man, what was all this complaining about Priests not being their awesome selves? I'm spamming heals, dps-ing the boss all while dancing and jumping around! Muahaha. Bubbles bubbles bubbles.

Ding! 82! This isn't so bad at all! Deepholmmmmmm! Man, this place is BEAUTIFUL! The colors! Can't look away... Oh right, new dungeon. STONECORRRE! Queue. Accept. Buff. Salutations. Pull.

... From this very first pull you will find out just how smart of a tank you have. What you will also find out is..

OOM. What is this? Where did my mana bar go, does anyone see it? Hey tank, are you just wearing your underwear against these guys? Hey, DPS - I let you die because the tank is more important!

------------------------- Do Not Despair --------------------

Take a deep breath...
Here is Vih's Little Make Shift Plan To Get To Lvl 85.

Rule #1. Accept the fact that people are going to die. Especially if you are paired with people still stuck in WotLK mentality [aka Tank and Spank, Round-up and AoE, Burn-it-before-it-gets-to-me Aggro Pullers, etc.] It's inevitable. So, make like toilet paper and get ready to wipe.

Rule #2. Prioritize. The lives of your tank and yourself are vastly more important than the DPS. They might argue with that fact, but - it's true. Obviously keeping everyone alive is preferable. So, decide what you can afford with your current mana situation. Examples are given below.

Rule #2a. Subject: DPSers. During trash pulls, if a gung-ho dps takes a hit when no one else in the group does they get a renew. If they take two hits they also receive a bubble. If they are set on tanking whichever add they've aggro'd let them. It costs less mana to rez them than to try and heal them through their tank-osterone phase. ;] If there is AoE damage - set off a Prayer of Healing (I try to pair this with Inner Focus as much as possible.)

Rule #2b. Subject: Tanks. During trash pulls, I keep a Power Word: Shield, Renew and Prayer of Mending on the tank as much as possible. At this point in time I don't find Heal to Heal for enough (ironically), so when more damage comes than my Renew and PoM can handle I use Penance and Greater Heal. I avoid Flash Heal like the plague. I have now put Flash Heal in the category of emergencies only.

Rule #2c. Subject: Boss Fights. I use the above mentioned priority while healing boss fights as well, with the minor exception that I try to keep all party members alive at all times. Even Mr. DPS who doesn't know the fight but doesn't want an explanation. ;]

Rule #3. "But I still am going oom!" Don't be afraid to use cooldowns on cooldown! Shadowfiend + Hymn of Hope, Arcane Torrent - Whatever ya got! And if you're fresh out? Do NOT be afraid to stop the group and drink. You are worth so much more with full mana :D

Other Words of Wisdom:
* Get used to seeing people below full health.
* Get down for your "High Gearscore" Horse and realize that this isn't WotLK
* Make a playlist to remedy the frustration that's sure to come.
* Take on the challenge! Don't turn into a wet noodle because things are difficult!

I hope this helps you in your level grind!
If you think you have something that needs to be added - post away!


  1. Very good advice all-around!

    I'm, honestly, dreading my switch back into mana mattering on my Pally (my only 80+ healer as of yet). I'm not used to the whole Holy Power thing yet.

  2. In my experience, if you're healing with a group that you know or is competent then it's a FUN challenge! If you're healing in randoms.... x.x

    Good luck with your Pally! I need to level mine as well; and I agree. I'm still not used to Holy Power!